Q&A with Hello Shakti – Pantheacon 2017

Hello Shakti was invited to take part in an East Coast Networking Suite hosted by our friends at Land Sea Sky Travel during Pantheacon 2017 . Since the audience at this event was new to us, we provided answers to some of their questions about “this whole Shakti thing”…

Q: What type of yoga do you teach? How advanced is it?

Ana Pilar holds an ERYT-500 hour Advanced Certification through Yoga Alliance. This is a higher yoga certification than most teachers have. Her style of yoga could best be described as Hatha, with other influences such as Viniyoga, Flow, Sri Vidya Tantra and Ashtanga. She modifies the yoga practices she teaches for any level of student and body ability. One of her special gifts is creating “embodied” yoga practices that bring philosophical concepts and mythological stories into the physicality of the body.

Jamie is a KRI 200hr certified teacher of Kundalini yoga. Although Jamie does teach Kundalini at other retreats and events, when working with Ana Pilar she most often holds up the elements of storytelling, drumming and guided meditation that Hello Shakti weaves into embodied yoga experiences.

Q: Where did Jamie and Ana meet? Where did Hello Shakti come from?

Jamie and Ana Pilar met while teaching at a yoga retreat. During one evening, Jamie was telling the story of Bhuvaneshvari (a Tantric Wisdom Goddess) and leading the participants on a guided vision journey with her voice and drum. The next morning, Ana Pilar surprised Jamie when she seamlessly included elements of the story and meditation into her Hatha practice … and Hello Shakti was born!

Q: Where do you get the stories and meditations that inspire your practices?

The stories of the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses come from ancient Sanskrit texts. Ana Pilar studies the origins, philosophy and development of Sri Vidya Tantra and its pantheon with notable experts in the field such as Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton, Gary Kraftsow, Charles Ekabumi Ellick and others. She continually attends workshops and trainings to deepen her knowledge. Most recently, she made pilgrimage to India to take part in temple festivals in January 2017.

Jamie is a mythic storyteller, with a intuitive understanding of how myth works in the individual and collective consciousness, as well as how the languages of archetype and symbol speak to us on a deeper level. Some of her influences include Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Maureen Murdock and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Her shamanic process involves trance and vision journey to engage these Goddess archetypes/energies, receiving stories directly from the perspective of each Goddess, as well as the elements of meditation that will support the “lessons” or “medicine” participants need.

To develop their Hello Shakti material, Ana Pilar and Jamie compare notes after individual research and vision journey. Like magic, all the puzzle pieces fall into place and powerful workshops, retreats, etc. are birthed.

Q: Where are you presenting this year?

TX Yoga Conference – Houston (TX); The Yoga Garden – Lafayette (LA); Sedona Yoga Festival – Sedona (AZ); Yoga Yoga Studios – Austin (TX); Where Womyn Gather Festival – Pocono Mountains (PA); Mystic South Conference – Atlanta (GA); Ancient Yoga Center – Austin (TX).

Q: What other projects do you have in the works?

We have two amazing projects in the works. First, we’re teaming up with Land Sea Sky Travel to host a mythic tour of Paris and Northern France in 2018. Second, we’re in the midst of producing a devotional Shakti Oracle Deck and accompanying manual based on the content of our workshops.

Q: What is the best way to keep in the loop about your upcoming events and appearances?

Follow Hello Shakti on Facebook and join our mailing list!

Q: Who is your favorite Tantric Wisdom Goddess?

That’s a hard one, because we love them all! They all continue to teach us so much about beauty, creativity and chaos, and living a full, lush life. But if we had to pick, we’d say that Ma Kali holds a special place in our hearts. 🙂

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